A series of virtual and face-to-face events engaging and exciting diverse expertise for the purpose of reintegrating biology.

About the Project

To fully understand biological systems, as well as realize their full potential, it is essential to integrate research methods and perspectives from the different subdisciplines of biology (including behavior, biophysics, molecular and cellular biology, developmental biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, neurobiology, physiology, systematics, and systems biology). However, how to integrate these subdisciplines is unclear, given the increasingly specialized training in the diversity of analytical and methodological approaches used in different biological fields. Similarly, it is uncertain what new infrastructure – physical and workforce – is needed to achieve a true integration.

This NSF-funded project will convene an ambitious combination of virtual town halls, microlabs and jumpstart meetings, facilitated by Knowinnovation, to engage the broader biological community and solicit input regarding: 1) the exciting new research questions that could be addressed by combining approaches and perspectives from different subdisciplines of biology, 2) the key challenges and scientific gaps that must be addressed to answer these questions, and 3) the physical infrastructure and workforce training needed.


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We are excited to announce the creation of this new network. Over the course of the next few weeks, this site will expand to include opportunities for you to take part in discussions, give us your big ideas, hear interesting speakers, sign up to attend virtual and face-to-face workshops and much more.

Phase One: We heard from you! The Town Halls were a great success thanks to all of your participation. Please navigate here to learn more about the outcomes of these events.

Phase Two: Register now for one of four 2.5 day events December 4-6, 2019. These events are engineered to bring together academics across disciples to explore interesting questions at the crossroads of modern biology and discuss the opportunities and challenges in realizing that vision.

Stay Informed: We are planning additional opportunities to hear from you and engage you in the conversation. Please sign up below to hear about these exciting opportunities as they become available.

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