Town Halls

Please join us as we launch the first phase of this exciting new initiative supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Why are we doing this?

The purpose of the Town Halls is to help us understand what you consider to be the most interesting or compelling questions that might be tackled by integrating disparate sub-disciplines of biology. In subsequent events, we will dive deeper into these questions with you to identify what are the key scientific challenges or gaps that need to be addressed if we are to answer those questions as well as the physical resources that might be required.

What is a Town Hall?

The virtual Town Halls are open to the scientific community and will consist of a series of short, engaging presentations followed by small-group discussions. Come and listen to brief introductory remarks then dive into engaging conversations with colleagues to explore the questions that you might like to see tackled if we were able to integrate sub-divisions of biology. Our intention is to make them short and enjoyable - no more than 90 minutes - and also an opportunity to develop new and interesting connections across the community.

What can I do in advance?

In order to “prime the pump” and also to cater for those colleagues who cannot attend in person, we are inviting the community to contribute questions that they find particularly compelling before the Town Halls. You can do this here.

How do I register?

Knowinnovation will host two virtual Town Halls. These virtual events will accommodate up to 500 people in each session. Phase one Town Halls are designed to maximize community input into the next two phases of this initiative: community development, and 3-day jumpstarts. By participating at this early stage, we believe that you will find subsequent stages more engaging and rewarding. More information on these phases coming soon!

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